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What Causes Varicose Veins?

Here’s a quick summary: Your veins are able to fight gravity and bring the blood back to your heart with the use of valves. At every two to four inches, a leaflet valve closes when the blood tries to go down. This prevent the blood from accumulating in your legs. So What Causes Varicose Veins? […]

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Understanding your Venous System

Your blood system is made of three main types of blood vessels : The Three Types of Blood Vessels in Your Body The Arteries The Capillaries The Veins  The following video explains the difference between those three types of blood vessels in your body. Your veins may enlarged and become varicose veins because, contrary to your […]

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varicose veins exercise

4 Ways to Prevent Varicose Veins When Exercising

If you have varicose veins or venous insufficiency, exercising can be painful. In fact, some exercises can worsen your varicose veins and even cause new ones. Yet, avoiding to workout completely is not a option. If you want to stay healthy and have strong beautiful legs, you need to exercise them correctly. To strengthen your […]

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What causes swelling of the ankles

What Causes Swelling of the Ankles?

For some of us, the warm weather means swelling of the ankles. If that is your case, read this article to find out what causes your ankles to swell and what you can do to prevent it. Definition of Edema Edema is the medical term for a noticeable increase in the volume of liquid in […]

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What is a Vein Doctor Called?

Ask A Vein Expert A varicose vein doctor is called a phlebologist. A phlebologist is a physician specializing in diseases of venous origin, such as varicose veins. As explained in the PBS special below, phlebology is the study of venous problems. I strongly encourage you to watch the PBS interview. It will give you a nice overview […]

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Did you ask for a CT Scan?

New technology can help find unusual causes of varicose veins. Sometimes the cause of your varicose veins seems like a mystery. You followed all the prevention tips, you took the necessary nutrients, and you even had surgery but you’re still having circulation problems. You may feel pain in your leg, there may be signs of […]

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Evaluate Your Risk

Complete the quiz and find out your risk of developing varicose veins. Get the Facts About Your Veins 0% Progress: Your age: Under 25 years of ageOver 25 years of age Do any of your parents have varicose veins? NoOneBoth How many pregnancies did you have? 01More than one Do you work standing up? NoYes […]

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