New Study Confirms: Cold Therapy Helps Venous Insufficiency

Cold therapy helps venous insufficiencyA new study confirms what some of us with chronic venous disorders already knew by experiences: cold temperatures improve blood flow.

The aim of the study, from the Medical University of South Carolina, was to test if cryotherapy (the use of cold in medical treatment) could improve skin microcirculation. If skin microcirculation can be improve in people with venous insufficiency, the development of ulcer and other skin problems could also be prevented.

In this randomized clinical trial, a group of 30 participants received twice daily a cooling gel wrap on their legs from 30 minutes. Four weeks later, their blood flow had significantly improved compared to another group who never had the cold therapy. This finding suggest that cold therapy could help prevent leg ulcers and other venous insufficiency problems. [1]

Cold therapy you can do at home to prevent varicose veins and leg ulcers

Ice pack is one of the home treatment for varicose veins

Applying a reusable ice pack to your legs is one the the home treatments to improve blood flow

You don’t need to take part of a scientific study to experience the benefits of cold therapy. You can easily do those treatments at home to prevent varicose veins and leg ulcers:

  • Use reusable ice packs or instant cold packs if you prefer
  • Take cold shower or bath

And to lower your risk of facing blood circulation problems later in life, make sure to avoid:

  • Bathing in the sun for too long
  • Using heated floor
  • Sauna


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