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Repeated surgery - how many times can you do that?


I had a surgery (stripping) when Iwas 22 years old and it has been 10years now. My varicose veins werenot sever at all but I just wanted to get rid of them for cosmetic reason. It only lasted about a year when I noticed more veins popping out and it got worse and worse especially after pregnancy. I was getting cramps during the last 3 months of the pregancy in the area where my varicose veins are and was put on blood thining injections for a week (as a precaution I guess as no blood clot was found or identified). Never told at the beginning of my pregnancy or after this incident to do ANYTHING  to help my veins. Anyway, my son is now 4 years old and my varicose vein is getting longer and more painfull by day, it is now reaching the below knee area.

I have been to the doctor many times but all I have been advised is to wear support stockings and elevate my feet. I have been so unhappy and depressed about it that I even had a nervous breakdown. I am very scarred to have a second surgery (now thinking about the laser treatment) as I was told by the general practicioner that I would have even more problems when I get older as I will not have enough veins to support the circulation system. Not sure if that is correct as I searched and searched the internet and did not find one study or aricle to support that. HAVE YOU COME ACROSS THAT STATEMENT/RESEARCH SUPPORTING THIS?

I should also state that about a year ago I went to a private clinic the doctor examined my leg using the duplex scan and advise me to have the surgery, obviously for a lot of many. But I think being 32 years old, I do want to feel normal again a enjoy life with my son, going swiming with him and wanting to go to a beach holiday. My self esteem is suffering and feel like I am 50 years old.

I would like to have another child therefore I made a promise to myself  (probably to avoid going crazy and have something to look forward to) that I will wait until after the second pregnancy and losing the extra weight but I am scared that something might happen while pregnant expecially having a bad varicose vein allready and probably another 3 years to wait.

Thank you for any inforamtion and support.




  • Thanks for sharing your situation Klara. After studying varicose veins for quite a while, the consensus is that varicose veins (permanently enlarged veins) should be removed as soon as possible since they put extra pressure on the other healthy veins.

    Having said that, you do need to take extra mesure to help your veins to prevent new varicose veins. Supplements and compression stockings is the best combination we have available to us. You can find other tips in the main articles on this website.

    My guess is that if you don't do all you can to prevent the formation of new varicose veins, new healthy veins won't have time to form. Especially with age, it takes longer for the body to regenerate new veins. At that point, more serious problem may occur (skin decoloration, etc.). But if you take care of yourself, it is unlikely.

    Do you still have pain when wearing compression stockings and taking your supplements? Are you active during the day (fast walking / swimming)?
  • Hi Marc

    Thank you so much for your response.

    I actually wanted to ask you what you have done to get rid of your veins (what kind of surgery) as in your article does not actually state that you did? How long ago and have you had any varicose veins back?

    Also are you actually stating that after having the surgery you will regenarate new veins? Is that what always happens?

    I have only started to wear support stockings about 3 months ago and sometimes I do get pains in the area where the vein initially formed. I elevate my legs a lot, raise them above my heart minimum 30 mins a day, I walk everywhere so do lots of walking, I am planning to take up swimming regularly and get a bike. I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of vitamin C and read eating a lot of blueberries, cherries and blackberries should help. I occasionally swap the stockings (I do tend to wear the stocking on the effected leg only) for bandage and knowing the summer will be hard to wear the stockings I will probably opt for the bandage half of the time during that time. I have however noticed that the vein is getting longer and started to have pains below the knee up to my calf.

    I know taking care of myself is crucial but my main worry is the pregnancy. I have to say though that I had the varicose vein before the pregnancy and though putting on 4 stones I did not develope new veins at all. I did not wear any stockings and did not take any precautions so hopefully I am not a lost case :-)

    Anyway thank you for any information again and good luck.

  • I got my veins under control by being extra careful and wearing my compression stocking as soon as I get out of bed and taking my supplements to prevent them from becoming varicose veins.

    So that's a good news for you. You probably could, with extra caution, wait after your second pregnancy to have your varicose veins removed. I'm on the waiting list for the vein stripping. I should be able to have it in 6 months of so. If it wasn't for the higher cost, I would choose laser ablation. From what I have read, the recovery is much faster with laser ablation. 

    "Also are you actually stating that after having the surgery you will regenerate new veins? Is that what always happens?" 

    Yes, new blood vessels will form over time. It is one reason why you could get new varicose veins all your life. But as you age, this process becomes a lot slower.

    Congratulations on your initiatives. Between biking and swimming, I would definitively recommend swimming. It is the only sport that cause zero pain during and also reduce the pain after the activity itself. Biking, on the other side, may worsen the varicose veins unless you use good compression stockings during the activity.
  •  Hi Marc, 

    I am 33 years old. I have problems with varicose veins since 16, because of genetic reason.
    I made my first surgery on the left leg when I was 22 ( 11 years ago) by stripping, clasical surgery. Very soon new varicose veins appear. After that I have done sclerotherapy many times. The effect was good for a  very short time. I ' ve past 2 pregnancies in the last 5 years. Normaly, the varicose veins get worsen. 

    Last year I made my second stripping surgery on my left leg, and first surgery on the right leg. 
    Unfortunattely, very soon I get new varicose veins on my left leg :(  They are still not so big and ugly, but they appear very very soon after the surgery. I regrets for my choise for stripping, obviosly the surgery was not succesfull. 
    Now, I heard for one doctor that is the best for laser ablation- he have got many awards as the best doctor in Europe for laser ablation, and around 6600 surgeries on varicose veins up to now. 
    So, I started thinking for a new surgery od my left leg (one that is operrated 2 times- last time in 2015), but this time with laser ablation. 

    Please advice me, is it risky to treat my veins so often, as i do? Do you think it' s possible after so many treatmens  to have succesfful surgery finally?  
    I made a color dopler , the doctor said that he can make a succesfful ablation.. I'm really sceptic, but I don't want to have this ugly veins :(

    Also, I want to mention that I have problems with spider veins. The doctor that I mentioned, have the latest technology and procedure for the removal of capillaries CLaCS. So I'm thinking about this also. Here are the details of the proceadure:

    At the end,  I must  mention that I wear compression soccking most of the time, I' m not fat, ( 56 kg) , I eat healthy food and do anything for prevention of varicose veins.  
    I only don't get suplements, so please advise me for the best one. 
    Thank you very much in advance! 

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