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Just came across the above product that was reviewed as the best and most effective.

What is your opinion?



  • Sorry, I misspeled the name: it is VeinityRX


    The link is

  • edited December 2014
    Wow! Can you imagine paying $59.95 for one bottle of supplements that you can get on for $15
    It's a scam, nothing more.

    Here's a supplement containing the same ingredients:
    Use the coupon code PAG655 for an extra $5 off when you order from

    And if you live in the US or Canada, my favorite is described on this page:
  • Thank you so much Marc! I don't know what we would do without you.

    I checked the link Kajina posted and Veinity RX, and it's really just a fake 'review site'. They pretend to rank products according to their results and ingredients, but they simply rate them according to which will give them the most money...
  • Hi Marc

    I've been having a look for a UK alternative to the one you mentioned above.

    What do you think of this one?

    Is Diosmin called something else in Europe?

    Any light you can shed on this would be fantastic and greatly appreciated!!!!!!

  • Hi Bec,
    Diosmin should be called the same in the UK.
    The product you linked to is a mix of Ginkgo Biloba and rutin with a little bit of vitamins. I doubt it will have any effect if you already have a good diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. At best, it may prevent new spider veins in people who do not have varicose veins. Ginkgo Biloba has been proven to influence the small blood vessels but not the varicose veins.

    While I'm not familiar with the stores in the UK, I found the VeinFactors at:

    The price seems expensive though. You might want to compare it to the same product at
    And see which one is cheaper. Apparently, from the messages I read on the web, shipping only take 7 days to the UK by airmail.

    If you do choose iherb, don't forget to enter the coupon PAG655 to save an extra $5

    I hope it helps!
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