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Best exercises for keeping the veins in check


Thanks for starting this support group. I wanted to share my story and ask a few questions. I am 24, and I discovered varicose veins on my left leg about eight months ago. My father has them too, but though his veins are very prominent they've never bothered him. He wears a locally made compression stocking. 

I'm a dancer, not overweight at all, and quite physically active. I've noticed that the veins get more prominent after I dance. Nowadays I try to dance in slacks, or lycra pants that are close-fitting. I've been to two surgeons. The first one was at a big private hospital and he suggested I get a very expensive laser ablation procedure with sclerotherapy. The second one I saw a week ago. He made me do a few blood tests and found that I was deficient in calcium and D3, which, according to him, aggravates the veins. He also said that EVLT wouldn't help my case because the veins were 'diffused' - I have veins at the back of my knee, and one pair to the left of my knee. They're still small, no single vein is longer than 2 - 3 cms in length. So I think I understand why he says the procedure with the laser filament won't work in my case. The veins cause me some discomfort, it's more a lead-like heaviness in the legs, and if I dance, some twinges of pain. But looking at them bloat makes it worse, it's almost psychosomatic.

I live in India. Indian compression stockings cost about $10 but are thick and ineffective. Also, they don't make graded compression stockings here. I have a pair of Sigvaris stockings, but they're so hard to put on that I cannot wear them without assistance. Also, it's getting a little worrying because Sigvaris is really expensive in Indian rupees, and I cannot afford to buy a new pair every few months. It's summer now, and wearing stockings is sheer torture. The rains will be here in a month, and I simply do not know how I shall deal with them. 

Meanwhile, I've been doing yoga and elevating my legs often to relieve them. I've been taking something called Daflon that is supposed to strengthen the vein walls, but I'm not sure it helps much. I want to know about safe exercise options - I love biking but I'm not sure if that'll make the veins worse. I've skipped with a compression stocking on, but it causes some soreness. 

In my case, I'm waiting for my doctor to approve of sclerotherapy and point me to a reliable surgeon. I'm apprehensive of how it might turn out especially because I know the veins could pop up again, but at the same time I'm hoping it will help me. My doctor is of the opinion that wearing stockings all my life is a reasonable solution. But it isn't, for one, I can't dance wearing a stocking. And thus, my varicose veins leave me thoroughly confused.


  • Hi Ranj,
    What model of Sigvaris do you have? For compression stockings just as good but a lot less expensive, I recommend Therafirm. Make sure you measure your legs with the tips on this page. With the right size, I find them easy to put on and to remove them with a pair of kitchen glove.

    What dosage is your Daflon?

    The best exercise to help varicose veins is swimming. Biking may cause varicose veins, but you can reduce the risk by wearing your compression stockings.

    I wish you good luck!
  • I was just diagnosed with  spider veins /varicose veins my ankles,leg and feet swell  and was told to wear support hose are they all the some is there a one brand better  then the other.Thank you
  • Hi Teresa,
    You can find the answers to all your questions about compression stockings on this page:
  • Thanks for sharing.
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