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Best deals on varicose vein stockings 20-30?

Hi everyone,
I have been wearing compression stockings (20-30mmhg) for the last two years. I buy them at a clinic in my city but I feel like it's a rip-off. All they do is order the socks and probably charge be double what they pay.

Any way I can order directly from Sigvaris instead of going through a reseller? Considering I'm buying new ones every 3 to 4 months, it would save me a lot of money.

Thank you!


  • You will get the best deals on varicose vein stockings online.
    I used to buy mine at the drug store, but the price is just cheaper online and I have a lot more choice. It makes sense since they can reach more people and pay less for rent at the same time. So the saving goes to us.
    I have been very pleased with
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