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Swollen Calves, Ankles and Feet

I got this problem since the age of 25: my calves, ankles and feet often become swollen during the day. I avoid going to the swimming pool or wearing shorts so that no one can see my swollen legs. I got varicose veins surgery in the past, but it didn’t help.
Do any of you have a solution to my problem? Thanks in advance


  • Laure-What procedures did you have? Unfortunately, vein treatment is not always permanent. Like the others said it is important to wear compression stocking/socks daily to help with your circulation. Anti-inflammatory medication may help you, but this is also not a permanent fix.

    It is also important to live a healthy lifestyle; exercise at least 30 minutes a day, eat your fruits & veggies and limit fatty foods. Studies have linked obesity to varicose veins, particularly in adults! If you need more information I would be glad to help. I currently work for a top vein specialist in my area and am consistently learning more and more about venous disease. Our website currently has plenty of information and I have also worked on some fact sheets on my own for our patients when they need more education :)

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