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Sugar and Veins... do they go together?

I have a few questions.  But first, thank you for making this site.

Do you know if eating sugar makes the varicose veins condition worse or slows healing? 

Do you know if, in general, people with high levels of blood sugar ( above 80 ) are more prone to have venous problems?  Not withstanding the normal reasons for the onset of it.  Seems like diabetics and vein problems go hand in hand, and I'm wondering what the blood sugar level is of people with venous insufficiency?? Does it make any difference?

Do you know if eating animal protein is an issue?  I've heard that milk for some people can be a problem in the healing process.

Thanks for you thoughts on this.


  • Those are good questions. Being obese is a risk factor for varicose veins, ulcers and pulmonary embolism. I know your question is directed toward sugar, but since sugar in the diet seems to be one of the main factor for obesity, it is important to make the link.

    I don't know if eating animal protein or milk has an impact on varicose veins or ulcers. I personally rely on a plant-based diet rich with natural vitamins and fibers to keep my weight low and blood sugar stable.
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