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Bleeding vein

Does anyone else have an issue with a bleeding varicose vein? It started out to be just a small dot, close to the surface. One night, while sitting at the table, I looked down to find about a pint of blood on the floor. It was terrifying. It's now about the size of a pencil eraser and has bled out again. I must keep a band aid on it at all times. Finally saw a doctor who said to wear compression stockings and assured me that I would not bleed to death in my sleep. Just wondering if there are others out there dealing with this.


  • About a year ago blood spurted out of my leg near the ankle late at night after I had a shower. The hole was only the size of a pinprick and the vein was hardly visible but I do have a lot of large varicose veins also.  As usual, my foot and leg were swollen by the end of the day and back to normal the next morning. I was able to remove the band aid the next day.The same thing happened again on the next night. I have been wearing compression stockings since then and there have been no further problems
  • My mom had several years ago. After that some time passed and she needed to have an operation
  • Oh..bleeding varicose veins are danger really. have to give the proper treatment to cure that. I suggest you to apply venorid serum for first aid point of view. It will give the instant result and mostly will cured. But after the condition you should consult with doctor.
  • Very good product and has cleared the veins problem as promised. I have been a repeat customer for this multiple times.The fragrance is not overwhelming and very pleasant. No irritation caused to my  veins.But overall..very satisfied and thanks to venorid.
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