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Varicose veins and Orthostatic Hypo tension (Low B.P)

I am 50 years and I am having instability and out of balance when I change positions, get up from sleeping or sitting positions. I also get light headed symptoms few times a day. Till couple of months ago I was doing high intensity exerices (since last 3 years) and was leading very active life with Badminton sports during the weekends for couple of hours. Recently I am getting shortness of breath on exertions which are quite small compared to before (even about 15 minutes very fast walking). Completed all tests on heart including C.T, Echo etc but it's in perfect condition and so is brain. I am low on my B.P (90/60). 
Doctors have not been able to identify anything and I am thinking it's related to deep vein varicose I have.

If it's related to Varicose it may be "Vasovagal syncope" is what I am thinking based on symptoms from internet.

Is anyone having similar experience? 
Thank you


  • I had a similar problem and it turned out to be Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). It was treated successfully in about 10 minutes by a series of head position movements. The problem is caused by crystals that break off from their normal positions in the inner ear.

    I found a physiotherapist where I live in Brisbane, Australia who specialises in this. She diagnosed and quickly fixed the problem and showed me how to fix it myself if it ever occurred again.
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    After my second pregnancy I got lots of varicose veins, especially on the legs. The treatment that I've been using is venorid. 
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