Surgery with Medical Glue

A few months ago, I saw a physician regarding my varicose veins.  He was a surgeon that my primary doctor sent me to since they were both in the same hospital system.  I thought the appointment would only consist of a visual evaluation and discussion.  However, before I knew what was happening, his assistant was taking all sorts of measurements on my legs.  Then the doctor discussed SURGERY with me that would involved "medical glue.".  Surgery? Medical Glue?  Well, after all, he was a surgeon.  However, as I recall, neither my primary doctor nor the doctor seemed to indicate that surgery was immediately necesary.  I decided to wait a while before surgery.  Since then, a couple of the vein areas have started to protrude more.  I called my surgeon's office and his assistant told me to wear compression stockings.  She sent me a prescription and I did buy them and wear them when I'm going to be walking a lot (not around the house, but for shopping and taking walks).  I would like to take a vacation soon to a warmer climate for at least a month.  Do you think I need to have surgery before I go, or will the compresssion stockings do.  Also, any suggestions on how to make the stockings less noticeable in warm weather clothes?  BTW, I did have ultra sound on both my legs after I noticed the protruding veins and no clots were found.
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