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Alternative to surgery?

Hi! Thanks Marc for creating this support group. 

I was wondering my alternative to surgery and other expensive treatment procedures. I don't have any insurance and I doubt that any company would cover me now. I have a large varicose veins on the inside of my left thigh and one on my right calf. I also have small spider veins on my left ankle (a sign of deep venous insufficiency??? I hope not!). 

I'm still young so i don't want to let it go out of hands. I am wearing compression stockings like you wrote about. But what do you recommend in terms of supplements? I tried horse chestnut with minimal success at best.


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    I'm with you there. I tried horse chestnut with rutin and vitamin C for a few months. It did reduce the pain a little. But it wasn't strong enough. I now use Circulation Essentials, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It contains all the major herbs that treat varicose veins and other vein problems. 

    Have you tried it?
  • I'm ordering, thanks! 

     I'll keep you posted if I see a difference.
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