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Microcirculation Therapy- Deoxyva

Do you think improving circulation lessens varicose veins?


  • Yes, it does help. Varicose veins occur due to the improper blood flow in the veins, so if the blood flow in the body is proper it can heal the affected veins. My friend has an experience of suffering from this painful disorder. She was in pain for many days and has consulted many doctors, but it was taking too long to heal the affected area. So she has chosen to get an air-jet water massage therapy for her pain, which is a kind of microcirculation that helps in regulating the blood flow through veins and in whole body too. Rather than daily going to the therapy centers, she has installed the walk in bathtub on her  mom's suggestion because the tub has the water massage feature inbuilt in it and gives number of health benefits to the person if used. Walk in tub Mesa team has helped her in installing the tub and She got instant relief from her pain after using the massage feature for 15 continuous days. It is really helpful in curing the varicose veins.
  • I agree. Been hearing lots of good reviews about the product (Doxyva). And its basis for its mechanism of action is heavily supported by research and scienc.e 
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