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How do you cope with wearing the socks/stocking in summer

I was wondering if there is a way to avoid wearing support stockings in summer. I have varicose vein on my right inner calf and have been wearing the tigh high stocking. I know I should wear them on both legs but as Joe I have been having problems keeping them up and I am very conscious that someone can see them.

Also as the summer coming i cannot imagine wearing them every day as you want to have bear feet. Can you just use a bandage on some days. Do you really need to wear the support stockings every single day and time (excluding sleeping) and can just one occasion when you stand or sit for a long time ruin all the hard work.

Sorry about so many questions I have more to ask

Thank you


  • edited December 2014
    Hi Klara,

    Unfortunately, with the summer comes hot weather, and that's an aggravating factor for varicose veins. Warm temperature tend to dilate blood vessel even more than they normally do. I personnally now use 'open toe' compression stockings. They allow me to wear sandals during the summer. I use this model which is great.

    I also usually carry an extra pair, so when I want to go swimming, lay on the beach or play volleyball on the sand, I can remove them. I then put the other pair after I'm done swimming or playing. Applying cold water on your legs and feet can also help you go without compression stockings for longer period of time.

    If I have a lot of walking around to do, I will use this pantyhose (which is also 'open toe'). I have been using this model for a month now and they are great! It really keep your compression stocking up all day. I can go to work, do the groceries and go to the gym and they are still covering my legs.

    I hope those answered your questions.
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