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Microcirculation therapy for my varicose veins

edited May 2018 in Surgery
I've been working as a nurse for 8 years now, and more often than not, we are always standing, no time to sit especially on a busy day. Last year i started noticing varicose veins and it was horrifying thinking that I'm starting to have it. I had it checked with my Doctor friend who advised me to use alternative therapy. Referred me to microcirculation therapy since it's a problem of microcirculation. So I did, I signed up for the free trial. I KID YOU NOT! After just two months of having the therapy, the changes were amazing! It wasn't as obvious as before! I hope I don't develop any more of these veins. Elevating the legs is not enough. Thank you for reading!


  • Wow 9 months since I posted this, I am still using D'OXYVA and the results have been amazing!!!!! Visibly lesser varicose veins on my legs and I started using it on my face as well. Definitely cleared my skin. Love it!
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