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Buying Cardiolin in the UK


I live in United Kingdom, I could not find a UK website selling Cardiolin. Can you help?

Thank you




  • edited December 2014
    I did a quick search and did not find any place in the UK either.
    Here's what I suggest people do when they are outside the US or Canada:

    Go to
    They have the best price and they often have special free shipping deals (almost anywhere in the world) if you order 40$ or more. And they have such a special this month.

    And even better, if you use my code: PAG655 you save an extra $5 on your order.

    Here's a supplement I can personally recommand on iherb:

    You don't have to order for 40$ of this supplement, they have the widest selection of health products I have ever seen online.
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