What Causes Swelling of the Ankles?

For some of us, the warm weather means swelling of the ankles. If that is your case, read this article to find out what causes your ankles to swell and what you can do to prevent it.

Definition of Edema

Edema is the medical term for a noticeable increase in the volume of liquid in the skin and the tissue under the skin. The edema related to the venous system is most often located at the ankles, but it can affect the feet and the legs.

The Causes of Edema

The first question to ask yourself is: Is it affecting one leg or both legs? A sudden swelling in one leg may be a sign of deep vein thrombosis requiring immediate treatment.

Swelling of the ankles can occur even if no varicose veins or any other sign of venous disease are present. The edema is accentuated throughout the day, especially if the climate is warm. The cause of such a swelling is usually an increase of the pressure in the venous system of the deep and or the superficial veins.

How to Prevent Edema

Fortunately, you can easily prevent your ankles from swelling by following those three tips:

1. Practice some sport. Walking, swimming and jogging can help reduce the pressure on your veins and get your lymphatic system moving.

2. Wear compression stockings during the day.

3. Take the necessary supplements to help your veins.

Those three steps have been proven to effectively prevent swelling of the ankles during the day.


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    May 25, 2012 at 4:54 pm #

    You should also include ‘Legs Up The Wall’ to promote circulation and avoiding salt! I know that if I have anything with too much salt, I end up with painful legs.

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