What is a Vein Doctor Called?

Ask A Vein ExpertA vein doctor is a phlebologist

A varicose vein doctor is called a phlebologist.

A phlebologist is a physician specializing in diseases of venous origin, such as varicose veins.

As explained in the PBS special below, phlebology is the study of venous problems. I strongly encourage you to watch the PBS interview. It will give you a nice overview of the varicose veins doctors’ position on the best treatments right now.

You will learn:

  • What kind of specialized training phlebologists have.
  • How prevalent varicose veins are in the United States (you’ll see, we’re not the only one with this disease).
  • The difference between the superficial venous system and the deep venous system.
  • Why exercising is important.
  • How dealing with varicose veins is a life-long process, and what you can do about it.
  • The importance of wearing compression stockings.
  • When it is absolutely important to wear them. (Personally I wear them all the time. But if you are in a situation similar to the one in the interview, you should wear compression stocking. That is even if you don’t have large varicose veins)

You will also learn about some varicose veins myths, such as :

  • Does crossing your legs cause varicose veins?
  • Should you wait until after you’re done having children before getting your varicose veins treated? (I’ll give you my answer to this: no, early treatment is key to having healthy legs for life)


The complete transcript can be read here.

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Comments? Questions that were not answered in the PBS special? Post them below!

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